giving thanks for family and friends


Mayme and Ginny have the Pilgrim spirit!

We had another wonderful Thanksgiving, thanks to the special people in our lives.

Banjo Man always has new recipes he wants me to try, so this year I indulged him by making “stuffing in a bundt pan”.


This made  Banjo Man very happy.


We didn’t starve.


Mayme spoiled us with shrimp, cheese and sausage before dinner.

Nancy and Mike made the yam casserole (yummy!).

Ginny created her usual jaw-dropping desserts.

And then the annual games began, men against the women, no holds barred, screaming allowed and cheating banned.


Look how serious they are.

They lost.


The women laughed.

Because Thanksgiving is all about the food…and the games.

Hope your day was filled with food and fun!!!!

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1 Response to giving thanks for family and friends

  1. Ellie says:

    It looks like a grand time with family, friends and good food.

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