sarge was here and banjo man gives thanks

Sarge likes to drive at night, so he arrives home in the wee hours of the morning, before dawn.

He loves Thanksgiving.


Visiting with Grandma.

Banjo Man had a list of “Things For Sarge To Do That Banjo Man Can’t Do Because Of His Knee Surgery”.

Needless to say, this kept Sarge busy on Friday.  He climbed into the attic to put poison up there, he cleaned the gutters and he raked leaves.


The old guy raked leaves and the young guy carried the cans of leaves to the compost pile.


Sometimes they goofed around.

And then Sarge escaped for a lunch date with a former girlfriend who is now a competitive body builder.

When he came home he was exhausted.

Body builders will do that to you.  So I’ve heard.


He slept until 4 AM and then disappeared into the night to head back to New Jersey.

Thanks, Sarge, for all of the help.

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