quilts of valor, ready to go

Here’s the one I call “Flag Stripes”.  Those rows are stitched and the quilt top is pressed and ready to go be quilted by a volunteer longarmer.  Hurray!

2016-02-02 002

I have another one of these, in Army colors, ready to be stitched into rows.

When I first started doing this, quilters were not allowed to put any info on their quilt label.  Then we were permitted to put our first names and our town and state.   Those who received quilts demanded to know more about the people who made them, so now we are encouraged to take pictures and keep journals.  Those journals and photographs are included in the presentation case (a pillowcase we make to match each quilt) and have been a huge hit with the new quilt owners!

I kept forgetting to take pictures, but here are the ones I’ll be including with the second quilt, my “modern flag” top.

First of all, Saturday morning was cold and clear.  Here’s the view of the back yard (pay no attention to that bag of garbage waiting to go out–I’m sure Banjo Man will get around to it eventually).

2016-02-06 003

I cut a lot of pieces—18 1/2″, 10″ and 4 1/2″.

2016-02-06 001

We won’t be eating on this table for days.

I arranged them in groups of 10, because that’s how many I could fit on the island.  There will be 30 vertical strips in this quilt when it’s finished.

2016-02-06 009

I also photographed each set so I would be able to reconstruct them after the strips were sewn together.

And here it is Sunday morning, all stitched together:

2016-02-07 002

I’m pleased with how it came out.

Now I’m taking the leftover strips and making one more, with four-patch blocks and a cream-star-patriotic fabric that didn’t work in any other designs.

We are in the midst of another snowstorm today, so if the power stays on I’ll finish that quilt, too.

And then?   Back to the dobro and the treadmill!

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6 Responses to quilts of valor, ready to go

  1. Sharon says:

    Those quilts are lovely. I’m glad you can include names and stories for the receivers. I’m sure they’ll appreciate knowing the care and love that went into making their quilts.

  2. Phyllis says:

    Love your patience, as well as your design vision. Beautiful work for a great cause.

  3. Ellie says:

    What, absolute, works of love💖 Have you ever heard from someone who was presented one of your quilts? This project touches so many. What a beautiful thing yo, and others like you, are doing for our service people. You are truly appreciated, I am sure.

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