winter’s last gasp (i hope)

Valentine’s Day set some records here in Rhode Island.  I woke up at 3 AM and checked online to discover it was -7 at my house, with a wind chill factor of -30.

The wind was howling.

It was definitely February!

I thought about getting up and sticking my head out the back door, just to feel what -30 felt like, but I didn’t.

I regret that lazy decision.  When am I going to get another chance?


Sunday  morning we decided not to go out for breakfast.  And we decided not to go hear live music down at Galilee, where the ocean meets Salt Pond and the wind was certainly blowing all day.

We stayed in our frumpy warm clothes and ate leftover gumbo and chocolate cake.


"Remember, that's before I factor in the windchill."

cartoon by Marty Bucella

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2 Responses to winter’s last gasp (i hope)

  1. Sharon says:

    Nanook of the North has nothing on us!
    Trust me -30 with wind chill is really, really, ridiculously cold! (to quote Derek Zoolander)

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