better late than never, right?

I finally finished his quilt.

1990 Christmas, Dad and Thomas003

My nephew with his adoring grandfather, Christmas 1990.

Okay, so this picture was taken 25+ years ago, when I wasn’t quilting (I’d begun quilting when Son #1 was this age, though, by taking a class at a local gift shop).

It didn’t really take me 25 years to make him a quilt.  It just seems that way.

I’d intended to make a quilt for his college graduation, but–alas–that was just a dream.

But I was determined that some day, some how, some way I would make this little/big guy a quilt.

And here it is!

2016-02-14 002

The Manly-Man Batik Quilt.

I hope he’ll like it as much as I like the selfie stick he bought me.


Who knew we could sing karaoke and take selfies at the same time?  Such talent!

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2 Responses to better late than never, right?

  1. Pat says:

    What a great, fun, manly man quilt. I love it and your nephew will too. You’re very talented.

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