pretending it’s spring


The forsythia aren’t real, but don’t tell anyone.  I like how they look in my rock vase ( transported carefully from Idaho and created by the Heisels).

That copper bowl is a “whale blubber” bowl.  The fixtures aren’t original, but the bowl itself was used by a cook on a whaling vessel.  Some of the blubber was melted for cooking.  Years ago, when Ebay was very new and filled with antiques and bargains, I was able to buy some interesting whaling memorabilia.  I was researching my Nantucket ancestors at the time and the history–though gory and cruel– was fascinating.

My other whaling treasures are tucked inside of a safety deposit box now, but I do love looking at the blubber bowl.

And the forsythia.

Because Spring is coming!

Happy  Easter, everyone!

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