a hike? really?


I went hiking.

(No one has ever heard me say that.)


On Monday Story Man and I went out for an early lunch at one of our favorite places, Kerbey Lane.  I had the pear and cheese toasted sandwich.  Story Man ate a cheeseburger.

We resisted ordering the special dessert, peanut-butter-banana pie.

We stopped at a gas station for some bottled water, then just a few blocks later were in a neighborhood.   The above sign showed the way to this “path”.


This photo was taken when we were going up the hill, heading back to the car.  But you can see that this was not exactly a bike path.


Story Man made sure I didn’t fall on my little non-hiking-experienced ass.

At the bottom was a limestone-lined creek.  They call them “pools” around here.  Beautiful!


Not many people here, but on weekends it’s crowded.  I can see why.

Yes, it was hot!  But the water was cool and we drank our water and waded around a little bit before hiking back up the hill to the road.

This part of Texas has had a wet spring, but places like this dry up in the summer if there’s no rain.

Which is why the Texas part of the family will be heading to lake in a couple of months.

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3 Responses to a hike? really?

  1. Sharon says:

    That is beautiful. I’d love to hike there if it wasn’t so darn hot.

  2. Pat says:

    Wow, I am impressed that you hiked that path… in the heat. Two thumbs up!

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