cleaning up, packing up, heading out

We’re twelve hours away from heading west.  It has been an insanely busy week–okay, the last three weeks have been intense!!!–so I’m feeling a little frazzled.

The car is packed, which is unusual.

The car is not stuffed to the roof with stuff, which is also unusual.

Banjo Man has agreed to travel light, get up early and hit the road at dawn every day, which is unusual.  And I’ll believe it when I experience it.

We’ll put in four solid 500-mile days until Buffalo, Wyoming, where we will kick back and act like tourists for an entire afternoon.

We’re going to visit a bear refuge in Bozeman, I hope.  Just for an hour or so.

But most of the time we’ll be on the road, in the car, heading west, as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Because I need to do this:

2014-07-06 002

Stay tuned…..


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1 Response to cleaning up, packing up, heading out

  1. Sharon Winn says:

    Safe journey!

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