last cross country road trip, day one

We actually were on the road at 7 AM.

In Connecticut by 7:30.  New York at nine.  Pennsylvania before 11.

The new old car did great.   There was no road construction in Scranton—first time in many years—and very little truck traffic on any interstates.

We met Banjo Man’s business partner (one of Banjo Man’s favorite people) for lunch.  And then journeyed on another two and a half hours to our hotel.  498 miles!

Banjo Man forgot his bathing suit, so we went to JC Penney (conveniently close to our hotel) and bought him one.

Check out our bags.  Banjo Man has downsized from 8 to 5!!!!


It is now 8:30. Bedtime!  Ohio, Indiana and Illinois tomorrow, with a Hampton Inn and Crackerbarrel to look forward to after another 500 miles.

See you soon, Idaho!



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2 Responses to last cross country road trip, day one

  1. Sharon Winn says:

    Happy Trails!

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