day two, final road trip

Today we once again practiced our new routine:  up at 5, out of the parking lot before 6 AM.

It’s a miracle, I tell ya.  And it only took 45 years to convince Banjo Man that traveling this way could be fun…and efficient…and relaxing.

He is now a believer.  We drove another 500 miles today and were splashing around in a Hampton Inn swimming pool at 4 PM.  We wore our new bathing suits and lounged in the hot tub.

Old people are cool.  Yep, we are.  Sometimes.

Because Banjo Man is always eating, I wondered how he would manage on the road.  So today I kept track.  He started with a banana, then his chocolate covered blueberries, on to a bucket of his oatmeal “sludge” ( a mixture of yogurt, oatmeal, blueberries and cherry juice).  After that came the sunflower seeds, then the orange slices.  And almonds.  All this was consumed between 6-10 AM.

The feasting continued with more sunflower seeds.  A chicken sandwich at Hardee’s.  More sunflower seeds, more chocolate covered blueberries, more almonds.  Water.  He finished up with a spinach and grilled chicken salad at Cracker Barrel tonight at 5.  He also ate the other half of my dinner.

I do not know if there will be a bedtime snack.

We did get lost today, while Banjo Man was driving and I was immersed in maps as we tried to decide if we should change our route tomorrow.  We missed our turn and  were in Chicago before we knew it, which was definitely not a good idea.  Six lanes of bumper to bumper traffic?  Uh oh.  The GPS led us out of it, south to a highway that intersected with our beloved I-80.  We were then only 20 miles from our hotel.


Before I go to bed–okay, I’m in bed now and it’s only 7:30 PM–I just want to wish the wonderful men in my life (husband, brother, brothers-in-law, sons) a very Happy Father’s Day.

The world needs more good fathers and uncles like you.



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