waiting for the sun

It’s 5 AM and raining.  Last summer, with the forest fires and dry timber all around us, rain would have been welcome.  A relief.  This morning’s drizzly gray summer rain is just the frosting on a cold and cloudy cake.


View from my bedroom door.


I know my gardening friends are happy.  I think.  Maybe they are ready for some heat, too.

I know my tomato plants are.  Did I tell you that Banjo Man planted them for me?  We have three large pots this year, filled with cherry tomatoes, basil and mint.

It’s about all I can handle, believe me.

Banjo Man has been landscaping.  This is the “before” picture.



Banjo Man discovers overalls!!!!

Yesterday he took the morning off and went fishing.  Of course he took care of business from his cell phone, out on the lake.  And he was only away from his desk for three hours.  But three hours is a lot, according to Banjo Man.  He doesn’t like to be away from his computer and the stock market.

But Dancing Mandolin Player and her Boyfriend Bob have a new boat, so a fishing trip was too hard to resist.


It’s a good day to clean, I tell myself.  It’s a good day to work on dobro chords and hopefully memorize a few more notes.  Sing a few songs to myself.  Catch up with blog posts (and I have a lot of them to write!), clean out dresser drawers, unpack the new crock pot (it’s gorgeous) and maybe even make a few chicken enchilada casseroles to put in the freezer.

There are quilt bindings to stitch, too, so on this rainy day I might just have to unpack the sewing machine and get busy.

Sitting in one of those bright new Adirondack chairs will have to wait.

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