nebraska swimsuit


You can take the boy out of the prairie, but…

Banjo Man joined me on the dock yesterday.

It was a gorgeous day, probably close to 90 degrees.


I was on the dock reading.  In the shade.  I’m working my way through book one of the Shetland mystery series by  Ann Cleeves.  (Have you seen the tv shows on PBS?)

Of course Banjo Man always wants to know what I’m doing, so he left his landscaping project long enough to trot down the hill and check up on me.  You know, because I can only be up to no good in my old lady bathing suit, my old lady hat and my old lady chaise lounge.

Yep.  People drive by on their boats, see me and think, “Now there’s trouble.”


So here he is, soaking up a few rays in his sexy new overalls (on sale at the North Forty store in town) before going back to his latest rock wall.

Looks like trouble to me.

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