he’s here


Once again, he couldn’t wait to take off his clothes, get his bathing suit on and hustle on down to the lake for a swim.

It didn’t matter that he’d been awake since 2:30 AM (oh, those painful early morning flights!) or that the water was cold, the Funny Grandson had waited all year to get back in the lake and that was exactly where he was headed.

The drive from the airport to the lake is about two hours, which is a long time when you are five.  But he remembered the “Welcome to Idaho” sign and said he couldn’t wait to see it.

And then, an hour later, we approached the Long Bridge at Sandpoint.  And the sight of the long-awaited lake.

“When I see the lake,” he told me quite seriously, “my heart feels happy, happy, happy.  And my heart feels like it’s coming home.”

Ah, yes.  There are many of us who have felt that way.

long bridge

from sandpoint.com







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2 Responses to he’s here

  1. Sharon Winn says:

    Ahhh the wisdom of a child.

  2. Tom says:

    You almost make me tear up. Our 6 year old left Friday with Cynthia to return to North Carollina. I will pick up Cynthia in Omaha in about 2 hours. Enjoy the summer ! !

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