counting peaches

For the past three weeks I have resisted driving to town first thing Thursday morning, the day the Peach Man opens for the weekend, and buying peaches.

But the Elberta peaches have arrived.

Let me say that again:  The Elberta peaches have arrived.

These are the best kind, better than all of the others I have bought, peeled, sliced, baked and eaten this summer.

So Thursday morning I was up at 5, counting the hours until 9 AM when the Peach Man rolls up his canvas walls and puts out the “open” sign along highway 95.

Let’s see…how to fill in the time…I practiced my guitar chords.  Cleaned out the refrigerators.  Showered.  Dressed.  Drank two mugs of coffee and read sixty-three news articles online.  Watered the tomato plants.  Read emails.  Made a grocery list.

The dump doesn’t open until 7, but I was tapping my foot and ready to go with the garbage loaded up in the Highlander before then.   Then I stopped at the Pantry to buy more Dutch Jell All Natural pectin for all of those future batches of peach jam.   For the record, I did not buy a cinnamon roll, huckleberry muffin or apple fritter.

It was a beautiful morning to drive to town.  I had my coffee–third mug, decaff—and a protein bar next to me.  A cd of favorite songs blasting from the speakers.  Money in my purse.  Grocery list.

The essentials, you know.

First stop:  to the grocery store to buy more canning jars.

Second stop:  McDonald’s, for a sausage biscuit (I allow myself one per month).

Third stop:  Peach Man, who was open early!  I was to buy a case of Elberta’s for me, one for My Friend Friend Janou and one for Dancing Mandolin Player (they’d put in their orders when I told them my plans for Thursday morning).  But I got carried away at the sight of those gorgeous yellow peaches and bought one more case for myself.  After all, I will have to wait almost a whole year before seeing them again!

There are 89 of those gorgeous yellow peaches ripening on my porch right now.  Today is the day I start to peel them.  I’m so happy.

Peach Euphoria.  It is real.

2014-08-01 005

A picture from 2014.  Some things never change!

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