getting ready to leave

Banjo Man and I went up the mountain to do a few last chores at the cabin.  It was a glorious day.


I wasn’t much help, but I like to think I was good company.  I took pictures and admired the new grass.


Banjo Man planted it a few weeks ago and already we’re seeing the results.

One weird thing:  Banjo Man set his cell phone on the hood of the 4Runner and forgot about it.  We drove the bumpy, wooded “road” to the long and winding road “down the hill”, then took the Old Highway into town to get a pizza at the Ice House.  That’s when Banjo Man said, “Look at this!”

There was the little red phone, still sitting on the hood of the Toyota.  We still can’t figure that out.

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1 Response to getting ready to leave

  1. Patricia McGovern says:

    safe trip dear friends–it was fun to see you this year! B&P

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