sweet dreams are made of these


Today I’m making a Halloween pillowcase for my grandson, who I hope is not too old for themed bedding (he turns 6 in a couple of weeks).  His birthday is two days before Halloween, so it is an exciting time of year for the little guy.

After I dropped Son #2 at the airport Monday, I detoured to Jo Ann’s Fabrics, a place I hadn’t been to in a very long time.  Since my three favorite quilt stores have closed (two in the last seven months) I’m forced to find fabric at Jo Ann’s, where the quality of quilting cotton varies from terrible to good.  In other words, I have to feel it before I buy it.

The place was packed with fabric shoppers.  In fact, my ticket for the fabric cutting line was #87 and they were on #71.  No problem, though.  It was fun to roam around a little and watch the people.  I helped a young newbie seamstress locate the apron patterns, found a string of candy corn lights (70% off) and two packages of Thanksgiving cocktail napkins while waiting.

I couldn’t make up my mind about fabric, though I did not buy the one with the spiders on it.  I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to put their little head on that fabric and go to sleep!  So I might make several of these–it’s quick and easy and fun to make a pillowcase.  The main body uses 3/4 yard, the trim piece takes 1/4 yard and the little accent strip that sits between them takes 2″ of fabric.

Here is a link to a tutorial:


There are lots of tutorials out there.  Just google “pillowcase pattern” and you’ll come up with all sorts of directions.

I’ll attach pics when I’m done.  Stay tuned…








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