number seventy-three

That was the recorded number after entering my ballot into the voting machine this morning.

Yes, I was at the polling place (the local elementary school) early.  In fact, I was awake at 4:30.  Damn this end to Daylight Savings Time!  My internal clock has not caught up.

Banjo Man woke at 6:50 to find me pacing in the hall.  Hurry up!  The polls open at 7!  I want to be there before the crowds! 

And we were.  In and out within 30 minutes, which is some kind of record for us.

Yesterday I spent several hours in my car waiting for furniture deliveries at my mother’s future new home, a lovely local assisted living facility.  Last Friday we went shopping for furniture and found the perfect recliner and a comfy mattress set, both of which were delivered to her apartment yesterday.

Now to move everything else…

Today I will buy her a new television–an early Christmas present from my brother and I–and hopefully solve the problem of what to set it on.  I have been to five furniture stores and have yet to find the perfect combination of width, height, color and price.

But I did see the table that Taylor Swift bought last summer for her massive beach house.  When she visited the local furniture store they had to lock the doors so she could shop in peace while fans waited outside.



Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island summer home, from

Good luck voting today.  May the lines be short and the machines work the way they’re supposed to.  I’m so glad this day is here and this election is almost over, aren’t you?



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