worst football party ever

It wasn’t the worst party because of the game, though it was dismal.  Nebraska, with injured players and obviously out of its depth, couldn’t beat Tennessee.

It wasn’t the food.  I’d made a vat of chili in my new 14 quart pan.  My daughter-in-law arrived with cream cheese and three kinds of toppings, plus crackers and pretzels.


Banjo Man made another batch of Chex mix and didn’t burn it.

There was gourmet root beer, lemonade for the Funny  Grandson, Cheerio Bars (a mixture of marshmallows, peanut butter, butter and Cheerios), tequila, peach vodka and some tasty clementine-flavored soda.

We were so excited!  It was our last day in Austin and we were ready to watch the game.  No one expected Nebraska to win, but we were happy to finally get to watch a game together.  And eat.

Ten minutes into the game, we heard a couple of “pops” and the power went out.   Then we saw a young woman running past our front window.  She was holding a fire extinguisher.

The neighbors at the condo next door had drilled into a wall and hit our main wire.  It’s a miracle no one was electrocuted.  But it would be another seven hours until our power was back on.  An electrician had to be called.  He made two trips to Home Depot.  He hired an assistant.  He worked in the dark.  The neighbors apologized over and over again.

Meanwhile…this is how we watched the first half of the game.



See Son #2’s cell phone underneath the tv?


The guys went to a bbq place to watch the 4th quarter and grab some hot food.  Banjo Man was coming down with something (allergies?  a cold?) and stayed home, wrapped in a blanket, watching the last miserable minutes of the game on my cell phone (the other phone had run out of data, so I finally downloaded the ESPN app on my phone and got it to work).

Son #2 had lots of candles–and went to the store to buy more–and we had flashlights, too.  There would be leftover chili for the rest of the weekend.

By 9 PM we had electricity again.  Heat.  Lights.  Microwave.  Internet. Television!  But the party was long over.

Next year we’ll try again.

I now have Banjo Man’s “cold” and instead of sewing today, I’m going back to bed to sniffle and be miserable.  I rarely ever get colds, so my plan is to sleep my way through this one while something British plays on Netflix here on my bedroom tv.

I’m looking forward to the new season of The Bachelor tonight.  Nick is not a very likable bachelor, having been on other shows and having his “heart broken” (yeah, right), but he can be funny.  I’m hoping he has stopped mumbling so I can actually understand what he says.  It’s a stupid show and I don’t mind admitting that I’m a fan, no matter what.


Enjoy the football today, folks.  I hope your power stays on and your chili stays hot.


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