blizzard comin’

We’re supposed to be getting our first blizzard of the winter tomorrow.  It should start at 7 AM and stop at midnight.   The weatherman is warning of high winds along with the snow.

So of course the first thing I think about is food.  Specifically, what kind of hot, comforting, filling, yummy stew can be cooking in the crock pot while a foot of snow covers the ground and the wind howls around the house.

I found a new website with lots of slow cooker recipes!

I tried the Asian beef last week, but because I sliced the flank steak too thin the beef crumbled into bits.  But the flavor was decent.  We added hot sesame oil to the sauce and served it over brown rice.

This afternoon I’m trying the “Sweet Fire Chicken” recipe.  I’ll let you know how it comes out.

Tomorrow I’ll do my own version of Green Chicken Chili.

This has been a quiet winter so far.  Banjo Man frequently escapes to town to run errands and get groceries, but I have been a bit agoraphobic and have no desire to go anywhere.  It’s cozy here in my little corner of the world!  Like a big old bear I’ve been hibernating in my warm house for the winter.  In a few weeks we’ll head to Texas for the music festival, so hopefully the warm Austin sunshine will perk me up and shove me back into the world again.

Until then I’ll be stirring whatever is in the crock pot, watching the snow fall and hoping the electricity stays on.

2015-01-27 006

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