goodbye, old friend


The giant oak that has shaded the patio and half of our house for the past twenty-six years is dying.

We are very sad about that, but the time has come to do something about it before half of this oak tree crashes onto our new roof.

The “tree man” came today and gave us a price.  He’ll call later with a date.  I will have coffee and doughnuts for the crew that morning.

And Valium for Banjo Man.



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4 Responses to goodbye, old friend

  1. Marge says:

    So. Very sorry. Always something. Sad to see a tree die. M

  2. Ellie says:

    I feel your loss. When we had to cut down our butternut tree because of disease, it was like cutting down a member of our family. That tree gave us a branch for a tree swing for our kids, shade for blanket picnics, leaves for our kids to jump in and much more. It was defintely ” Our Giving Tree”. The one saving grace is that we have beautiful bowls from her wood. 🌳💖

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