no sign of spring

I did a little shopping today.  April is “birthday month” here.  This year the ages range from 1 to 91 (and in between).  So I went to my favorite local store, “Simple Pleasures” to browse.

I purchased a little dress-wearing bunny for the one-year old.

And I spent about forty minutes browsing all the lovely things for babies and weddings, clothing and jewelry, birthdays and housewarming gifts, bags and cards and candles.

And signs.  Like this one.


I’m afraid my “crazy” is showing.  I’m taking this cold, windy, wet, non-Spring weather personally.  Lately I’ve deteriorated into pacing around the house and cursing the gray skies that fill my view from the office windows.  The weather has been making me miserable.  I am tired of gray.

Yesterday’s shopping day with my mother was spent dealing with torrential rains, mall parking lots and hoping the umbrella wouldn’t blow away or break in the gusting winds.

This morning I caught a glimpse of blue sky and by 10 AM there was a brightness about the air.  By the time I raced around the house (shower, make up, clean jeans, feed the birds!) to enjoy the beautiful day, it was… gone.  The clouds came back, the wind whipped up and the temperature dropped.

Growling and snarling, I grabbed the car keys and my travel mug–hot coffee, hurray!–and ventured out anyway.  Why waste a shower and eye-liner?

So I mailed the Easter pillow cases to the Funny Grandson, bought the well-dressed bunny, purchased a new tablecloth for the lake house and filled a grocery store shopping cart with tulip plants.

In 61 days I will be sitting in the sun.  On the dock.  At the lake.  Until then, I’m going to try to keep the crazy tucked in.

At least when I’m out in public.


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1 Response to no sign of spring

  1. Sharon M Winn says:

    The sun is out today. Don’t worry about the crazy showing.

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