and the cleaning begins

IMG_2802In May of 2013 I went through a few bins of my vintage fabric and measured, ironed, folded and labeled them.  They went into large plastic zip-lock bags and, alas, stayed there.

I’ve been busy.

A suitcase-load went to the lake, to be sold at My French Friend Janou’s yard sale.  She is famous for her yard sales, by the way.  It’s amazing how organized she is and how much stuff she can assemble to sell.

But I’m flying to the lake this year (in 49 days!!!) and won’t be bringing fabric to sell.  I have to do it another way.

I considered Etsy, but there is a hassle with state tax and registering as a business here in RI.  To get involved in setting up a business in this state is like sticking one’s toe in an alligator pit of red tape, one that will never let me go.

I then thought about taking fabric to the local consignment store, but I don’t think I’d make much money–even if they would accept vintage drapes, etc.  I’m going to ask this afternoon, when I drop off some casserole dishes and platters.

UPDATEThe local consignment store is taking “incoming appointments” in September.  The earliest I could bring in my dishes, etc is September 28 at 11 AM.  Obviously that’s not going to work with this weekend’s cleaning schedule.

I’d like my precious vintage fabrics to go to people who would appreciate them, would “ooh” and “ahh” and imagine the lovely things they would make or the windows they would cover.

Which leaves Ebay.  The downside is the time spent listing each piece.  Descriptions, photos, shipping estimates…well, it all takes time.  A lot of time.

So I’m going to list a few things and see how it goes.  See if it’s worth it.

In the meantime, I am donating bags of clothing (my bin of beloved small-sized jeans included!) to Big Brothers & Sisters, because the Salvation Army no longer has a drop off place within 30 miles.  I am being brutal in getting rid of precious outfits that haven’t fit me in ten years.

The pain won’t last.  When I get freaked out, I jump on the treadmill (just feet away from all of the bins of “stuff”) and walk for a mile.  That helps.

Would anyone like an evening bag? 


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