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ghosts of halloween(s) past

First of all, let me shout out a “Happy Birthday” to my brother.  Yes, his birthday is on Halloween.   And yes, there was always a party before we went out trick-or-treating. He looks very dapper in that hat! Check out … Continue reading

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making progress

Banjo Man said this quilt would be a “pleasant jolt” to our visitors.  I think that’s hilarious.  Maybe that describes more than a few of my wild quilts! And here is a picture I took in front of a restaurant … Continue reading

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if you like numbers

My friend Pat sent me this.  I think it’s pretty interesting. But I am easily entertained on my computer these days, having little contact with the outside world.  I long to get dressed and drive out of the woods and … Continue reading

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another birthday

I think I’m in a stroller, 1950’s style.  And happy to be there, from the looks of things. This was taken in Washington, DC, where my Dad was stationed at the time.  My mother loves to say she changed my … Continue reading

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a few more pictures from austin

And at the Austin airport’s new gift shop I saw these.  Hilarious!  I didn’t have room in my bag for any of them, unfortunately. Which one is your favorite?  

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you and planet earth

Just for fun, here’s an interactive site that tells you how many breaths  you’ve taken, how many snowflakes have fallen, how many people have been born since YOU were born.  Just enter your birthdate and see what happens!

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one ring-y ding-y

Remember that Lily Tomlin routine?  The one where she was the telephone operator?  It always made me laugh harder than anyone else in front of the tv. Well, in the midst of my cleaning I found this old photograph from … Continue reading

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winter window

I intend to do this as soon as I get home in January.  

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barn owl

    This is what I saw flying towards the house as I stared out my office window yesterday morning.  Isn’t he gorgeous? He flew low, above the driveway and right over the roof of the house. I searched through owl … Continue reading

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eclipse on the lake

Everyone will have their own eclipse story, I’m sure.  Where were you?  How much did you see? The lake house faces north and the morning sun shines over its right shoulder, blocked for the most part by the tall trees that the … Continue reading

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