don't create your own storm

I love this.  I read Bonnie Hunter’s quilting blog every morning, usually with my second cup of coffee and half of a protein bar.

She always has a little saying superimposed over a quilt at the end of each post.  And this one was the best yet!

Many of you know we adopted three siblings back in 1990.  They were six, eight and ten at the time.  Products of the welfare system, they arrived with the “victim mentality” firmly entrenched in their little psyches and no matter how hard I tried, I could never get them to relinquish it.

What a struggle.

I wish I’d had this particular sign back in those days.  I would have plastered it all over the house.

I had other sayings, for all six children.  I think one of the ones they hated the most was, “You don’t get something for nothing.”

And, “There are consequences for bad behavior.”

How about this familiar one:  “Because I said so.”

Or, “My job is not to make you happy.  My job is to make you a good, productive member of society.”  (That usually got a blank stare)

Now that I’m a grandmother I don’t have to say anything except defend the little guy and murmur, “He’s only [fill in the age].”

And I get to giggle a lot, too, because I’ve heard my son say, “Because I said so!” more than once.  And I try to keep a straight face.

Not easy.

What was your favorite line?  What got their attention?







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2 Responses to consequences

  1. Janou Scherb says:

    Is that lie the truth?

    Go outside and see if I’m there!

    These are old French sayings that I grew up with!

  2. Marge says:

    Kristine, your first was my first. Also,

    Because I’m your mother!


    Because you are a Fridrich and Fridrichs do not do that!!

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