the remnant shop

Last Wednesday my buddy Ruth and I headed to Hope Valley to check out a store my dental hygienist had recommended.  When I was a kid there were “mill outlet” stores everywhere and my mother, who liked to sew her clothes and mine, was no stranger to places stocked with odd remnants of fabric.

The Remnant Shop was that kind of place.  I didn’t know any existed in 2017.

IMG_3389There were several tables of name brand quilting cottons for $4.00 a yard (compared to $11.00 a yard in quilt stores).  One yard minimum cut, unless the owner was in a good mood and would cut a 1/2 yard piece.

IMG_3388At $4.00 a yard I didn’t mind adding to my stash and picking out some pretty fabrics, even though I didn’t know what I was going to make with them.



I’ve already cut up most of this fabric into 5″ squares.

The second floor held books and cd’s, so I bought a new karaoke cd and a book for Ruth, for when she is camping in Vermont this summer.


Ruth became a quilter several years ago and is loving it!  Here she is with her almost-finished twin quilt, to be given to her great nephew on Sunday.  Aren’t those airplanes gorgeous?

IMG_3393 (2)Her quilting is pretty gorgeous, too.  She has a knack for it and a great eye for color, too.

IMG_3394I love it when she calls me with a “quilt emergency” question.  It makes me feel like an expert, at least temporarily.  If I don’t have the answer I can give her the website or the youtube video that will!

Between Harley Chick, Aunt Pat and Ruth, I no longer feel like I am quilting alone in the wilderness.  I love fabric shopping with friends!!!

p.s.  My Ebay sales project is going like gangbusters.  I’ve sold over 40 chunks of fabric and still have two weeks to go.  I can’t believe how much time this little business eats up, but every time I haul a bag of items to the Post Office I am closer to owning a new, fancy sewing machine!  Hurray!!!!


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