inside out, again

Taking a break from chronicling the festivities at the lake for a moment, I need to discuss something…well…disturbing.

I am hoping that some of you reading this in the blogosphere will say, “Oh, yeah, I do that all the time, too.”

And that will be no small comfort to me.

Lately I have been putting on my clothes inside out.  Frequently.  As in almost every day.  I don’t know what this means (am I in too big of a hurry?  need brighter light bulbs?  should drink more coffee before getting dressed?), but I hope it isn’t a harbinger of very bad things to come.  It has become such a problem that I have to double check myself every day, at least once (I spend time in and out of bathing suits, shorts and the Cooking Dinner Sundress).

The worst was the swimsuit fiasco of last week.  Thank God I felt the tag and realized what I’d done before the trip down the hill to the water.  In my defense, it is a solid black one piece suit that doesn’t look much different right side out or inside out.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Pretty soon I’ll have to put a post-it note on the bathroom mirror:  Are you right-side out today????

(You understand why I am posting no pictures to illustrate this, right?)



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