oh, the joy of fishing!

IMG_3722When Uncle Will arrived a few days ago, the Funny Grandson could finally (a) learn to fish, (b) build a campfire, (c) eat s’mores, (d) kayak and (e) jump off the dock.

These were all things his busy (and somewhat tired) father and grandparents kept putting off.   The Funny  Grandson never gets tired, you see, and can go from 7 AM to midnight with boundless energy, good humor and constant conversation.

(Yes, he is very much like Banjo Man).


How to bait a hook.


How to cast a line.



How to wait patiently.

We couldn’t believe he sat still for so long.


Uncle Will, the Austin pit master, looks pretty happy, too.  And this was just Day 1!



No brisket in sight.




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