what’s happening around here

Take a wild guess.


Yes, it’s a baby shower!  Dancing Mandolin Player is expecting a new grandchild and this baby will grow up right here in our little town.  And the ladies of our town are coming together to celebrate.

It’s going to be great fun.

So I’ve been a little busy.  Today I will finish preparing all of the food and DMP and I will finish decorating.  We have My French Friend Janou’s giant punch bowl, massive coffee pot and stacks of glass luncheon plates.  Linda has made 90 feet of beautiful little flags.  The champagne is chilled for the punch, as is the white wine and club soda.  Kathy and Kathi are arriving early from Montana tomorrow to assemble the platters of cheese, fruit, etc.  I have bought ten thousand crackers and many pounds of shrimp.

And the desserts?  Little cupcakes, triple layer fudge bites and thumbprint cookies.  Be still my heart.,

There is a lot to do today and I’d better get moving.  The internet is working again, so I’ll be posting more often now.  The smoke from distant fires has returned and the air has turned colder.  Fall is slowly moving in, which makes me sad.  But for now?   There’s a party to give and fun to be had.



Party gifts and decorations.



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