smoke and pies

Today is Peach Pie Day.  I am going to make and freeze pies until I run out of peaches.

Because I bought a case last week, that could take a while.



View from my office window this morning.

As you can see, there will be no outdoor activities today.  The air quality is pretty bad and it smells as if we are in the middle of a campfire.  There are so many fires in Washington, Oregon and Montana.  Nothing too close, but the smoke is everywhere.

Yesterday DMP, Mandolin Ann and I had a music lesson with Doug, followed by lunch at the Pie Hut.  Yes, we all had pie for dessert.  We’re in a pie mood these days.  Comfort food is what happens when you don’t want to go outside and you can’t see anything but smoke out of your windows.

There are rumors of a cold front coming.  Somehow that translates into less smoke, so I hope it is true.  There is no rain in the forecast (unless you count a “20% chance of rain” on Friday as a done deal) and no reduction in the fire danger.

But we are not dealing with flood-creating hurricanes or winds blowing our roof off, so we count ourselves lucky.

I have pies to bake, recipes to find for the upcoming baby shower and guitar chords to practice.  So I’d better get started.

Stay safe wherever you are.

More Pie




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