the ugly quilt



Back on the design wall.

Recently I’ve decided that even ugly quilts should be finished and not sit in their bins taking up space in the closet.  So for the past week I’ve been assembling the sashings that join these blocks together and attempting to keep the pattern of stars consistent and accurate.  Ugly Quilt #2 is almost done.

Banjo Man noticed it two days ago and quickly closed his mouth.

“What?”  His silence was, of course, uncharacteristic.

“What color is the border going to be?”

“Little neutral squares with the points of the dark brown arrows going into it.”

He sighed.  “Well, maybe that will make it look better.”

That’s what I’m hoping, too.  This is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt from last November/December’s mystery.  I’ve blogged about these mysteries before.  Quilters from all over the world follow Bonnie’s weekly directions.  We cut fabric and make little blocks and big blocks and strips and squares without knowing what the finished product will look like until the last clue, when the pattern is revealed.

It’s great fun.  And free, if you use the fabric you already own and don’t rush out to buy more <ahem>.

Two years ago I made the BH Mystery with Bonnie’s choice of colors.  In the end I just didn’t care for all of that bright yellow and red fabric staring back at me.  I did finish putting the top together after making it a closer to a twin size than a queen.  It’s very bright, though the grey and black fabrics help calm it down.  I haven’t met the person who will want it yet.

Last year I decided to use my own colors, since once again Bonnie’s colors didn’t appeal to me.  Too much green.  I’m not a fan of green.  So I chose my own colors and virtuously used fabric I already owned.  I agonized for three weeks over my color choices (Bonnie releases color suggestions and fabric requirements weeks before the first clue) and decided that brown, rose, copper and gold were the way to go.



Not exactly a triumph.

It should have worked.  It didn’t.  But I’m going to finish putting the top together this week and later this winter I’ll even quilt it.  As Banjo Man would say, “Maybe that will make it look better.”







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