thank you, sir alexander fleming

Sir Fleming, a Scottish physician and microbiologist, invented penicillin in 1928 and I thought he deserved a shout out from a 66-year old retired writer in Rhode Island who is presently quickly recovering from a rather nasty bacterial infection.

Boy, when antibiotics work the way they’re supposed to it really does feel like a miracle.

Thank you for all of the emails and phone calls.  It was a little scary, I admit, but I’m doing just fine now.  72 hours after the first Cephalexin the red swelling on my arm had disappeared, the pain is gone and I even had a little energy, which was enough to do a little laundry and pack up some Christmas presents for Banjo Man to take to the Post Office.

Today I’m actually going to get dressed in decent clothes and go to town to get my hair cut.   In a few days we head out of town for a joyous family Christmas reunion.  It will be the first time in 10? 12? years that my three oldest children will be together at Christmas.

I wish I could bake him some cookies.



My hero.




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2 Responses to thank you, sir alexander fleming

  1. Phyllis Nolan says:

    So glad you’re feeling better. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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