a darn good saturday

Yesterday there was this:


A kaleidoscope quilt top made several years ago.  You layer 6 layers of fabric in exactly the same places on the design and cut wedges.  The wedges are sewn together to form different patterns.  This was made with one fabric and I am so happy to have moved it out of the closet and onto a work space.  Almost finished and all it took was one afternoon!


The original fabric.

And while I was sewing away, here’s what blasted from the speakers:


Christmas gifts from Son #2!  Joy!

And then for the evening?  Three more episodes of this insanely compelling mini-series set in British Columbia:

tin star

It’s so intense that most of the time we can only watch one episode per evening, but as it is racing towards the finish we find it hard to turn off.  It just gets better and better.  And the characters?

Oh. My. God.

Last night’s episode made me once gain want to learn how to shoot.  I periodically long to take lessons, but it’s more a fantasy than anything else.  But while safely tucked up on the couch last night I was once again reminded that it is crazy for a woman not to know how to defend herself.

So I need to get brave.

In the meantime, I think I’ll return to the sewing machine and finish this quilt.  I’m determined to dig out all those pieced quilt tops this year and turn them into quilts that someone can actually snuggle under.

Banjo Man is going to help me hang my guitars in my office today.  I’ve done some reshuffling in this small space in order to make room for all the music.  Almost done!

I’m learning this cheerful song this week…

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4 Responses to a darn good saturday

  1. Fish says:

    I’m interested to hear your reaction to Netflix “Wanted”–two women on the run in Australia. We had Guly recommend it!

  2. Ellie says:

    Come on Over My House is a great song! Is that Gillian Welch with Dave Rawlings? Pretty awesome dou. 😍 love your quilt! Sew on!!

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