snow day

We’re having a little storm today.  Maybe 6″ or so.  No wind, so the power will stay on and it will be just a typical winter day.

The Big Blue Bug Solution man just called to cancel his visit this morning.  What’s the Big Blue Bug Solution, you ask?  It’s a nuclear weapon in my War Against Mice.  Since we hired professionals, the noise in the attic has stopped.

It’s a Big Blue Miracle.

blue bug

We fight mice in our attic.  We fight mice in our cars.  My  mother’s car is now a battlefield.  Yesterday I took it to the local gas station and, quarters in hand, used their vacuum cleaner to clean the mice “evidence” from the inside of the Camry.   I bought more peppermint oil and sprinkled it all over the floor mats.  Now I will see if any of the little b*****ds return.

They hate peppermint oil.  And while driving my mother’s car is like zipping down the road in the middle of a candy cane, it could be worse.

I even have a special mice-repellent spray for the engine.

Every Saturday morning I listen to the local radio station’s Big Blue Bug Solution’s program.  Tony DeJesus answers questions on mice, bugs, squirrels, etc.  Every time there’s a mouse question I hang on every word.  Sometimes I take notes.

Knowledge is power.

The New England Patriots–yes, I know everyone outside of New England hates them–have their own channel on cable tv for the week.  It’s called “Not Done Yet” and it is 9 AM to midnight coverage of the goings on in Minnesota, plus play off games from years past, all week.

Yesterday I watched the team leave the stadium, ride on six buses to our Rhode Island airport and board their brand new giant plane.

While all of this was going on, I made a Mexican chicken soup in the crock pot, which would turn out to be inedible and disgusting.  Banjo Man doctored it up with two cans of beans and pronounced it “sort of okay”.

I should come up with something to cook today, but I’d rather be sewing.

Or killing mice.





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2 Responses to snow day

  1. Marge Fidrich says:

    Beautiful fabric.

  2. Marge Fidrich says:

    Know the overhead sound.

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