super sunday


Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone!

Now I know most of you out there are not rooting for the New England Patriots (according to an article I read yesterday only 16% of the viewing audience will be screaming, “Go Pats!” at their television sets), but here in the Northeast we’re pretty excited.

And yes, tv ratings are expected to be down 10% from last year.  So if you’re not cheering for the Patriots to win or screaming for the Patriots to lose, you are probably watching bowling.

It is going to be the coldest Super Bowl day in history up there in Minnesota.  (Is that a surprise to anyone???)

Pink has the flu, so no one knows who will be singing the National Anthem.

I know nothing about Justin Timberlake, except I think he used to be in a boy band.  And even that is a guess.  He is friends with Tom Brady?  Maybe.  Will I watch the half time show?  Yes, I think I will, if nothing else but to further my musical education.

We are staying home this year, as our Super Bowl Party friends are on vacation.  I think they deserve it, after hosting the party for the last ten or twenty or thirty years.  We are content to spend the evening on the Giant Couch, in front of Banjo Man’s Giant Television.  Daughter Nancy might drop by to join us for tequila and snacks.

Banjo Man is making chicken fingers, with bleu cheese dip.  There will be a vegetable platter and two pieces of defrosted pineapple cake.  We are taking a break from our stringent winter eating plan and eating POTATO CHIPS.   We’ve propped the Lay’s bag on the kitchen counter and have talked often about how great it’s going to be to eat POTATO CHIPS on Sunday.   We have not agreed on what time we will open the highly-anticipated bag, as the game doesn’t start until 6.

The excitement builds.

I do admit that after three weeks of the Atkins Diet (phase 1, meaning eating nothing but protein and greens) I care more about the potato chips than the Super Bowl.

I have three quilts all set for stitching (I fold the binding over the edge of the quilt and stitch it down by hand) as I watch the game.  That’s approximately 960″ of stitches, which will keep me occupied throughout a gazillion commercials and instant replays.

Banjo Man has prepared the couch with extra pillows, so he plans to be horizontal for most of the evening.

(What else is new?)

Enjoy your day, everyone!

Where are you going to watch the game?  And what are your favorite football snacks?




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