not exactly death cleaning, but a start


The sewing closet.

Okay, Monday Morning, here we go!  As you can see, some of this closet is highly organized, with fabrics grouped by color in my beloved plastic containers.  And then there’s…the rest of it.

I don’t even know what’s in there.

The file cabinet is another issue.  It’s filled with old contracts and book ideas.

As I’m going through the piles of stuff in this closet, I am approaching the project with the “death cleaning” advice in mind.  I’ll keep the stuff I know I will sew with.  But the rest?  I will ask myself:  will my kids know what to do with this?  Will they want it?  Do I want it?  Will anyone ever need this?

I have a giant trash bag for the stuff no one will ever want or use.  And I have a box for the things to donate to charity.

The end goal is to make room in my closet, which will make room on my workroom shelves for my stuff that is now in the basement pantry.  And that will empty pantry shelves for organized food storage so that Banjo Man’s giant bags of oranges, onions, wine and tomato juice bottles are not blocking the treadmill.

It’s a plan. 

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