a banjo man kind of day


Last Saturday I told Banjo Man I was taking him on a Mystery Ride, but in order to do that he would have to be ready to leave the house by 9:30 AM.

Such a thing is not in Banjo Man’s Saturday nature.  He usually does paperwork in his office and then rushes to the dump at 2:30.  After that he is ready to prowl around two or three grocery stores.

Such things are not in my Saturday nature.  Hence the idea of doing something together was a real occasion.

To add to the perfection of “his day”, we loaded the car with stuff to donate to big  Brothers & Sisters, plus a load of garbage to take to the dump.  I had my coffee; he had his water.  Mini road trip!

Once that was done and the car was empty, we headed north to the Navy SeaBee museum.  We’d tried to go there a couple of other times but it was always closed.  This time I had looked up the winter hours and discovered they were open from 9:30-2:00 Wednesdays and Saturdays.  It’s in North Kingstown, close to the Davisville site of the original SeaBee base.

Banjo Man was thrilled.


He operated much bigger equipment than this in Viet Nam, but I made him pose in front of it anyway.



See the hat and gloves?  He still has–and uses–his.

I hoped to find patches I could use to personalize the quilt I’m working on for him.


Remember this?


This works.


This works, too.

Kohl’s is next door to the museum and we hit the Early Bird President’s Day Sale, buying $32 shirts for $9 each.


Banjo Man was filled with joy (he is a bit of a clotheshorse).  We ate salads at Subway, picked up a few groceries at Walmart and headed home.

Dinner with Jeff and Angela was next, with Banjo Man’s perfect day capped off with four hours (!!!!!) playing cards after dinner.  Accompanied by a lovely bottle (or two, ahem) of wine.

Angela decided we should each have our own day.  She picked “going to yard sales” for hers and wants the four of us to hit the sales one Saturday morning in May.   Jeff and I are still thinking, but he did mention a favorite restaurant in Mystic…

I’m not sure what I’d do or where I would go on “my” day.  But it would probably involve fabric, pepperoni pizza and live music.

What about you?

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2 Responses to a banjo man kind of day

  1. Phyllis Nolan says:

    No better gift than time together. So thoughtful of you, K. Love the photos.

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