acoustic mcmurtry

IMG_0782Tuesday night at the Continental Club Gallery James McMurtry does a 90-minute acoustic set.

Just James and his two guitars (one is a 12 string that sounds like heaven).

Austin-based McMurtry has a reputation for being a bit, well, grumpy.  He’s reclusive, serious, silent.  But recently he has stunned his longtime fans with his easy banter on Tuesday nights.

We lined up outside  45 minutes early to snag a seat on one of the couches.  It’s a small venue, intimate and cozy, meant for listening to the music and not talking to your date.

I’m sorry these pictures are so big.  I can’t figure out how to edit them on the new Kindle.IMG_0784Here’s the stage before the show.

The songs were incredible.  As was the guitar-playing.   We were mesmerized.  And thrilled to be there.

Will was with us, but he prefers to stand in the back of the room instead of up front on the couch.  He hates being in front, but we love it.

It was a beautiful evening and a quiet walk home.  SXSW hadn’t quite geared up yet, so we had the sidewalks to ourselves.  It’s a different story now.  People are here and the city is alive with music!


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