birthday wishes


I’m guessing this was taken in 1993.

Happy Birthday to my daughter!  Yes, she was born on April 1st.  So her birthday is very easy to remember…and we never, ever play tricks on her on her birthday.

Don’t you love that smile?

Happy  Easter, everyone.  We are grateful that there is no snow on the ground here in  Rhode Island.

Banjo Man is still recovering from the Texas Virus, but I have pretty much bounced back.  We are now together again in Rhode Island, after my very uneventful and ear-pain-free flights home.

Today we will be celebrating Easter at my mother’s lovely assisted living facility.  They have a beautiful dining room and special plans for Easter dinner.  Since I’ve been contributing food for or in charge of cooking Easter dinners since I was nineteen, this is going to be very different.

In a good way.

We’ll be having birthday cake and presents after dinner.  Hurray for parties!


Nancy and her best friend of many years, Keeley.

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1 Response to birthday wishes

  1. Marge Fidrich says:

    A happy, happy birthday to Nancy and lovely Easter Day to all.

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