sew much to learn


Teacher’s sample from the Ruler Work class on Wednesday.

I love to learn new things and usually jump in with both feet (except for that horrendous cross country skiing lesson Banjo Man dragged me to back in 1976–I never wanted to learn to ski and never will).

Learning something new doesn’t always work out, but my delusional personality quirk usually gets me through a few hours, days, weeks, months…

Wednesday afternoon I took a quilting class on how to machine quilt with rulers, vs. “free motion” quilting (which I love).  The ruler idea was appealing because when I am machine quilting there are times when precision and perfect lines and spacing are important.  It’s hard to do that when you are marking with pens or eyeballing the distances or marking with blue painter’s tape (which tends to curl up and fall off at the wrong times).

So a four-hour class in how to make my quilting look better was appealing.  There were 32 of us, seated at long tables in front of Janome machines with the required ruler feet attached.  We’d brought our supplies and the teacher handed out the workshop kit, which included our first ruler.  The Janome expert stood by to deal with any technical issues.  We were ready!

At first I thought I would need three hands and a new set of eyes (why oh why had I not made that eye appointment yet???), but after the first hour of questioning my sanity I started to catch on.  My bewildered brain clicked into the new way of thinking–always adding 1/4″ to any line of measurement–and it became almost fun.  In a challenging kind of way.

At the 2.5 hour mark I was hooked.  Rulers are my friends!!

Here are some I bought the next day.  This took a lot of thinking, because at the show there were at least a hundred to choose from in six different brands.  Each ruler has multi functions, so I had to decide what designs I was likely to use.


Wednesday evening Ruth and I had salads and shared a pizza at the hotel’s “tavern” restaurant.  Yes, there was tequila, too.  And we even lost our minds and shared a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.  The Expo’s preview began at 7 PM for registered students, so we cruised the quilts and the vendors until 9:30 and thought about what we would go back and purchase the next day.

I needed a special ruler foot for my sewing machine and learned from the Janome dealer that there was a computer upgrade available, along with four new feet (including the ruler foot).  Because I love sewing machine feet and it was the only way to get the ruler foot, I had to buy it.  Sigh.


But I was determined to NOT BUY ANY FABRIC.

No matter what.

I even called Banjo Man and told him that I hadn’t bought any fabric and didn’t intend to.  He was bogged down in doing our taxes and wasn’t too thrilled by (a) being interrupted and (b) being lied to.

Ruth and I set the alarm for 7 AM and were totally unconscious by 10:30.

To be continued…



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2 Responses to sew much to learn

  1. Marge Fidrich says:

    Beautiful sample. Looks revolutionary to me. Whole new world in quilting.

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