more mqx 2018

Day 2 of MQX:

We were up at 7, had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel’s lobby cafe and then headed to the Student Services area to meet up with a dozen others for a guided tour of the quilt show.  We learned about the judging, the point system, the categories and why the quilts won first, second and third place.

This is an international show, with the best of the best (and some names I actually recognized) being displayed.

How about Gene Kelly in the Pictorial Division?


Perfect points.  I cannot imagine how long this quilt took to create:



Here are others:

And more:

And a leather wall hanging:


After a very busy tour, it was time to return to the show and leisurely take pictures.  Then a quick lunch–and after making new friends at the crowded cafe–we headed to our classes.  Ruth would be taking a beginner free motion quilting class from 1-6:30 and I headed next door to a two hour class in creative ways to fill in sashings and borders with machine quilting.

It was a lecture and demo class, so we had sketchbooks instead of sewing machines.  And I learned a lot.  And managed to stay awake.

When I popped out of the class at 3:00, Ruth’s class was out in the hall taking a break.  And Ruth was smiling from ear to ear.

“I bought a sewing machine,” she joyfully announced.  Her class was sewing on the Janome 9400 (which I bought last fall and am totally in love with) and Ruth also immediately fell in love with its lighting and the visibility and…everything.  The “show price” on machines is always fantastic and she got a great deal.  And a new machine that hadn’t been unpacked yet.

Let’s just say it was the highlight of the day, as her expensive quilting class wasn’t all that great because her teacher was one hot mess (I intend to complain, because I’m the one who advised her take that kind of hands-on class and I feel responsible).

Anyway…I’m so happy she has the 9400 and can quilt her heart out from now until forever.

I grabbed a cup of coffee between classes and hoped I could stay away for my next class, which was “Fearless Feathered Borders”.  The last class had dimmed the lights so the demo could be seen on the screen, so I was groggy and needed a nap more than I needed feathered border instruction for two hours.

But I persevered.  And was glad I did.

The teacher was excellent and had us sketch various feather designs until we understood how each design worked.

They were complicated designs.  I was glad I’d had the coffee.

Then it was time to meet Ruth, whose new machine was safely loaded in the back of her car.  We picked up our suitcases and headed back to Rhode Island.  I was home with Banjo Man by 9:30.

He was still organizing our taxes, but he poured himself a glass of wine and patiently listened to my explanation of Ruler Work and Feathered Borders.

I showed him my new rulers and marking pen.  Told him about Ruth’s new machine (he was happy for her).  And bragged that… I didn’t buy any fabric!!!!

Banjo Man was amazed.







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2 Responses to more mqx 2018

  1. Ellie says:

    I’m speechless! These quilts are many, many tedious hours of work but flawless. It sounds like you and Ruth had a very productive experience. Thanks for posting! Sew on!👍

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