music, views, sundaes and a trip down memory lane

Mother’s Day 2018 was another cold, overcast day, but we were determined to pretend it wasn’t.

We–Banjo Man, daughter NancyK, my mother and I—took a drive over to the island of Jamestown.  Back in the days of pirates, Jamestown was thought to have been a pirate refuge and even where infamous pirates hid their treasure.  Now it’s a lovely, rural place with ocean and bay views galore.  Very New-Englandy.

Banjo Man drove us to Beavertail Point, home of the third oldest lighthouse in the country.



Check out the fog horns.  Yep, that’s what they look like.


I’ve always liked that sound.

After gawking at the beautiful homes and ocean  views, we headed back over the bridge to the mainland.  Banjo Man took a sudden right turn to show us the house he lived in when he was in the Seabees.  (We looked for a placque, but there wasn’t one.)


Banjo Man’s first Rhode Island home was very tiny.

And then to lunch at the Newport Creamery, a Rhode Island restaurant chain featuring sandwiches and all sorts of ice cream products.  I’ve been craving a hot fudge sundae for months and months and months…and Mother’s Day was the perfect excuse to indulge.





A good time was had by all.


Nancy relived her childhood with a “clown sundae”, a hit when the kids were small.  The clown sundae was always a good way to celebrate something.


Then it was home and time for a nap before going out again, this time to Hope Valley and the Wood River Inn.

Bluegrass on Sunday nights, people!!!!


I see a fiddle case!!!

Rod and Barbara joined us for a Mother’s Day seafood meal at the Inn and we listened to two bands.  A great time!  Can you tell?


Barb, Rod and Banjo Man having a good time.


More Pie and the guys.

I always laugh when I am around Barb.  We start talking about when we were thirteen and it is always funny.  I love having her back in my life fifty+ years later.

It was an extra special day.


From my daughter.  I am so thankful!



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