cool air is here

We have a break from the smoke this morning.  It’s a breezy, cloudy day and 62 degrees.  We’ve opened all of the windows.

Ahhhh……fresh air!

I’ve used some of the indoor smoke time to cut out pieces for a new baby quilt.


5″ squares are so versatile.

Banjo Man and I watched a Netflix series called “Seven Seconds”.  We really enjoyed the acting and the story and the characters for nine episodes.  And then we hit episode #10, the final one, and it deteriorated.

So very disappointing.  I won’t spoil it for you by listing the plot holes, mistakes and very, very unsatisfying ending, but beware.  It’s a great show until it all falls apart at the end.

And yes, I am known to be fussy and critical when it comes to movies and structure.  Story structure has always been something I respect when done well and have fits over when it breaks down.  But even Banjo Man, who is much more forgiving of these issues, was disappointed and frustrated.

I want my ten hours back.




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