catching up post thanksgiving


The Funny Grandson’s great-grandmother gave him an early Christmas present when he arrived in RI and visited her at her assisted living apartment.  Don’t they look happy to be together?

We thought he’d want to dive right into that Lego set, but instead he opted to take it home unopened and save it.  Go figure.

(Yes, I made that quilt above the bed.  It’s a technique called “Stack ‘n Whack” which involves stacking matching sections of fabric and precision cutting.  I love precision cutting!)

After this photo was taken, we bundled my mother into the car and took her back to our house for Sunday dinner.  On the menu was Shepherd’s Pie, the FG’s favorite, which thrilled him no end.  He would go on to happily eat the leftovers for the rest of the week while the rest of us gorged on enchiladas, meatballs, ravioli, etc.

There were mounds of dirty snow at the airport when they arrived Saturday night.  That, of course, was a big thrill for a little Texan.  I bought him rubber boots so he could stomp around in what snow was left in our yard.

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow.   Today I take my mother out for lunch and errands and general riding around, so time has run out for blogging.

More tomorrow…


Checking out the ocean at Stonington Point.

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