the disaster guys


My “disaster guys” arrived yesterday!  Right on schedule, too.  They ripped up my floor and found water and mold and wallboard that had to be removed.  So they removed it and were incredibly neat and clean about it, too.

I thanked them very much and fed them cookies.


The electrician came also, to fix a dangerous situation in our basement ceiling.  He brought his son to be his assistant and I learned that they like cookies, too.

The boss of the disaster guys arrived, but he didn’t stay long enough to eat any cookies.  He’s a very busy man.

So here is a picture of my kitchen:


You are looking at three fans and one dehumidifier.  These fans could rival jet engines when it comes to decibel levels.   We had to turn them off to watch a couple of episodes of “Living Alaska” on tv last night.

Today I ran to town to get my hair cut and returned with pizza for the electricians and the carpenter.  I am so grateful that they are here I can’t stop feeding them.

Pepperoni = gratitude.



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2 Responses to the disaster guys

  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    Does it help to share stories? Two times Jenna’s dishwasher overflowed. There were so many hoses and fans and dehumidifying whatevers and other stuff in that kitchen it couldn’t be used as the entire kitchen was affected. So I moved the food preparation into the laundry room. The noise level is awful. The equipment ran for weeks. Basement, too. The dishwasher, needless to say, went to dishwasher heaven and the floor had to be refinished. Always something. Your pain is shared if that helps.

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