a few november photos

Before we jet off to Texas for Christmas, I thought I’d share a few November pictures with you.  Before the Funny Grandson became ill.  Before the kitchen flood.

Here’s a small version of the Dunkin’ Donut birthday cake, which I invented for Son #1 in 1988 and became a family tradition.



Always a hit.

Here we are waiting in line at Allie’s Donuts.  After fifteen minutes spent shivering outside in the cold and the wind, we came to our senses and drove to a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts.


You can’t see the 20+ people in line inside the building.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkins.



The Funny Grandson helped make the place cards.  We had a “random number” pick decide the seating, which he thought was a great game.




A very welcome hug.


One of Ginny’s elegant homemade desserts.


The Texans keeping warm on the couch.

I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a November more.



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