happy ’19

It is an unseasonably warm day here, in the 50’s.  Rainy and wet.  Gray.  The first mug of coffee tastes really, really good.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Did anyone stay up until midnight?  We certainly didn’t!  After a cozy dinner with old friends down the street, we drove the few hundred yards home and crawled into bed.  Once again the ball dropped without us.

And today is football.  Lots and lots of football, though I have to say I’ve found the bowl games pretty disappointing.  As Will says, there’s not much excitement this year.  Do you feel that way, too?

But first, before Banjo Man settles onto the couch and I start assembling fabric for a future quilt (I have an idea in my head but I’m not sure yet, so it’s time to spread a lot of fabric around the room and see what fits the vision), we’re heading down the road to–wait for it–Home Depot.  Yes, again.  My husband has been waiting for days for me to go to good ol’ HD to get more flooring samples.  And I’ve been stalling, due to a bad case of post-Christmas exhaustion.  I just cannot get up the energy to load myself in the car and drive anywhere or do anything.

Banjo Man is frustrated by my inertia.  So this morning he suggested we both go to Home Depot!  And go to our favorite Chinese restaurant and eat dumplings!

Well, that’s one way to get me in the car.  He’s a devious man.

I’m listening to my new Rosanne Cash cd, which is my main New Year’s resolution:  listen to more music, play more music, learn more music.

Oh, yeah, there’s also the treadmill and the yoga dvd’s and the vow to eat salad, blah, blah, blah, but this year I’m mostly filling my little world with more music in every way possible.

(I’ve also vowed to reduce the amount of plastic in my life and now have a recipe to make my own laundry detergent, so stand by for the future eco-saga.)

Here’s to a new year filled with whatever brings you joy!  We all need more of that.





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2 Responses to happy ’19

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    This is an effort to make you feel better. Jenna’s new puppy pushed the protective pad out of the way after tearing it up and dug a hole in her beautiful wood floor. A big knarley hole. So she moved the pen into the laundry room and Lady dug whole in that floor, which I always thought was a really nice looking tile floor but not really tile. Ceramic anyone?

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