beep beep

In the “what is the world coming to?” category, here’s what I saw at the grocery store yesterday.

Yes, it’s a robot. It wanders and spins throughout the store and beeps. A lot.

In my rain-soaked, out of patience state, I wanted to stick my face against its blue lights and demand, “Where the **** is the coconut milk?” But I didn’t.

Truthfully? I was a little intimidated. I didn’t want to get near it. I didn’t know if something bad would happen when I took its picture. I tried not to get too close.

Clearly I am not the heroine who will save the world from all evil artificial intelligence monsters.

Banjo Man had warned me after he spotted it last week. It was announcing “clean up on aisle 12” and spinning importantly, but Banjo Man didn’t see anything on that aisle that needed cleaning.

I really don’t know what its job is. Spotting spills? Shoplifters? Empty shelves?

There was a sign on its back. Maybe next time I’ll be brave and get close enough to read it.

Or not.

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1 Response to beep beep

  1. M Fridrich says:

    Hate it!!!

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