holy moly

Banjo Man brought home three of these last week. Maybe they’ve been around for years, but they were new to me.

And very welcome.

We have embarrassing holes in our walls, left by the wall phone (remember those?), previous thermostats and wiring for long ago electric baseboards. I’d hidden the holes with drapes and pictures, but with those packed away in anticipation of the remodel, the ugliness of our walls was way too obvious.

So I had a very good time eliminating them.

Stick the patch over the hole where the phone used to be.
Cover it with spackle paste or drywall mud.

Let dry, sand and give it another coat before sanding smooth once it’s dry.

I bought two larger patches on Sunday, one for a former electrical outlet and one to cover up the hole left by taking down the doorbell.

It was so easy and took only a few minutes each. Banjo Man thinks I’m a miracle worker and is very impressed with my so-called “skills”. Hah!

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