and week six begins

It’s always a thrill to throw something away.

See the white bookcase? It’s 30 years old and has served me well. But now it’s history.

For my own amusement I often ask Banjo Man, “Would you mind throwing this in the dumpster?”

I say it with a straight face, as if I don’t want to bother him and he’d be doing me a big favor.

And of course his face lights up and he rushes to do the deed. It’s quite entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, our electrician was here yesterday with his two electrician-in-training sons. It was quite hilarious to watch the father (a highly experienced professional used to running electrical departments in major manufacturing plants) tell his boys what to do and how to do it, though it was clear that the sons knew exactly what to do and how to do it without being told. I loved watching their faces and their restrained, ever-so-patient replies to “Dad” as they were gritting their teeth.

Ah, fathers and sons…..

They are returning today to hang the chandeliers. I can barely stand the excitement. I spent a bazillion hours online picking out these lights and today I’m going to see how they look.

The counter is going to be installed today…I hope. They should arrive any minute now and I’ll know if this time things have been done correctly.

I’m a little nervous.

But progress is being made every time one of these nice electricians picks up a screwdriver, so it’s going to be a good day.

And if I’m feeling stressed, I can always go throw something in the dumpster.

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