a little fabric therapy

I have been sitting in front of my “special fabric” cupboard this morning staring at the fabric. I really need to cut something up.

It’s a stress reliever, believe me. Give me some freshly ironed fabric and a rotary cutter, along with a ruler and a mat, and I’m going to be a happy camper.

But what to make? What to cut? I’ve used up most of my blues. There are a lot of purples and pinks on those shelves, but those colors aren’t calling me. And yet…they can’t sit there forever. It might be time to find a way to make them beautiful.

Browsing on Pinterest has given me some great ideas. I need something simple to sew yet is cutting-intensive. I don’t want to fuss with tiny triangles and matching points. Give me some strips–lots of them–and maybe then I’ll figure it out.

Of course I could organize the shelves by color and let that be my project for the day, but I’m not in the mood for folding neat rectangles and making pretty piles.

I think a wild, modern baby quilt is about to be born.

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1 Response to a little fabric therapy

  1. Ruth says:

    You go girl! There us bound to be a wild and crazy baby and Mom who would live it!

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